2013-14 R4S GP3 League Winter Season
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The 2013/14 GP3 Winter League of the R4S GP3 League started with rFactor and in cooperation with Deutsche Liga Meisterschaft e.V. There were five races scheduled.

The 2013/14 season was the first ever of the Race4Speed Leagues in rFactor and the second season overall. It was won by Bastian Paisler, driving for MW Arden. Carlin decided the close fight for the team championship for itself.

Drivers and Teams

Team No. Driver Rounds
France ART Grand Prix 1 Spain Javier Granados 2–4
2 Argentina Alex Ferrero 1
3 Germany Constantin Grimminger 1–4
Germany Stephan Gottwald 5
Australia MW Arden 4 Germany Martin Jatzek All
5 Germany Bastian Paisler All
6 Italy Lorenzo De Ciutiis 1, 3–5
UK Carlin 7 Germany Benjamin Röske All
8 UK Brandon Seaber All
9 Argentina Ricardo Mleziva 2–4
Switzerland Jenzer Motorsport 10 Germany Sinan Arslan 1–3
11 Germany Maurice Andrews 1
12 Spain Álvaro Hernández 1–3
UK Marussia Manor Racing 15 Spain Carlos Frau All
16 Argentina Marcos Arancibia 1–2, 4–5
UK Status Grand Prix 19 UK Max Coates 1, 4
UK Bamboo Engineering 22 Italy Alessio Campigotto 2
Italy Trident 23 UK Matt Leonowicz 2
24 UK Simon Crain 2
25 UK Myles Dixon 2
Finland Koiranen GP 26 Romania Stan Andrei 1, 3

Championship results


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