2014 R4S F3 European F3 Cup Season
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The 2014 European F3 Cup season of the R4S F3 Leagues is the first season where Race4Speed starts to host two series at once, which was made possible again by the cooperation with Deutsche Liga Meisterschaft e.V.There are ten races scheduled as kickstarter for 2015.

The 2014 season was the 1st of the Race4Speed F3 Leagues. Brandon Seaber became the first F3 Cup winner.

Drivers and TeamsEdit

Team No. Driver Chassis Class Engine Rounds
Germany RP Racing 6 Germany Benjamin Röske Dallara F312 A Volkswagen 2
20 Germany Bastian Paisler Dallara F312 A 2
Germany Prototype Racing 11 Germany Martin Jatzek Dallara F312 A Volkswagen 1, 3–4
35 Germany Michael Teichmann Dallara F305 C Mercedes 4
39 Germany Tobias Küper 1
Germany Team GM 14 Germany Constantin Grimminger Dallara F312 A Nissan All
25 Argentina Ricardo Mleziva Dallara F312 A 4
44 Germany Mathias Zeller Dallara F305 C Opel 1
Germany Sebastian Dahlmann 2
Italy Lorenzo De Ciutiis 4
Brazil Kemba Racing 17 Spain Carlos Frau Dallara F312 A Toyota 1–2
31 Dallara F308 B 3–4
Netherlands Van Amersfoort Racing 23 UK Brandon Seaber Dallara F312 A Volkswagen All
Spain Spanish F3 Team 48 Spain Miguel Veneno Dallara F305 C Mercedes 2–4
66 Spain Sergi Maturana Dallara F305 C 2–3
Italy EuroInternational 50 Italy Alessio Campigotto Dallara F305 C Toyota 1
Germany Bullshark Motorsport 50 Germany Benjamin Sander Dallara F305 C Nissan 2


Schedule F3-14
Note 1: the 2nd round was later re-scheduled by two weeks.

Note 2: Event 3 Race 2 was cancelled due to server problems.


Actual standings after round 3.

Overall standingsEdit


Class AEdit

ChampresultsF3 A-14

Class BEdit

ChampresultsF3 B R3

Class CEdit

ChampresultsF3 C-14