2017 Race4Speed Rally Championship
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The 2017 Race4Speed Rally Championship will be the first season of the newly-introduced Rally Championship on Race4Speed. It will be held from June to December, spreading over several events.


Round Dates Rally name Rally details
Start Finish Surface Stages
1 10 July 6 August Finland 1st R4S Rally Finland Mixed 4
2 14 August 1 September Slovenia 1st R4S Rally Slovenia Tarmac 5
3 4 September 24 September Switzerland 1st R4S Rally Switzerland Gravel 8
4 2 October 8 October IoMan 1st R4S Isle of Man TT Tarmac 1
5 23 October 26 November Sweden 1st R4S Rally Sweden Snow 8
6 4 December 10 December Spain 1st R4S Rally Showdown Gran Canaria Mixed 1


Team Car No. Drivers Rounds
Venezuela Black Force Racing Volkswagen Polo R WRC 7 Venezuela Jesús Chirinos
9 Venezuela Jesus Marcano
Italy VW Polo Italia Volkswagen Polo R WRC 10 Italy Lorenzo De Ciutiis
Austria Team GM Ford Fiesta WRC 11 Germany Martin Jatzek
13 Germany Phillip Volland
14 Germany Constantin Grimminger
17 Argentina Francisco Vazquez
Venezuela Austria Shadow Wolf RT by Team GM 24 Poland Mateusz Stasiak
45 Morocco Alaoui Nassim
82 Venezuela Cristian Alvarez
91 Argentina Franco Sonatti
Spain SF Corse Citroën DS3 WRC 16 Spain Carlos Frau
Poland Team Berni Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC 18 Poland Bernard Mróz
93 Poland Ernest Mróz
Paraguay Paraguay Racing AV Citroën DS3 WRC 56 Brazil Emerson Czerkawsky
eligible for team's championship points
ineligible for team's championship points

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